French Brittanys at Les Bois Brittanys Boise, Idaho

French Brittanys First Water RetrieveDemo's first water retrieve.
Just like Ditto, his dad.

Western Idaho and Eastern Oregon are arguably producing some of the finest upland bird hunting in the United States today. It is in these two states that we are constantly testing the abilities of our bird dogs. We hunt pheasants, chukar, quail, Hungarian Partridge, and three species of grouse. We have all these wild birds in relative abundance with some years better then others. Couple this with long seasons up to four and a half months, and we have the necessary ingredients to produce great bird dogs.

Les Bois Brittanys French Brittanys (also known as Epagneul Breton) are bred and trained to hunt wild birds. We have started with some great lines available in the United States and added dogs imported from Europe when we couldn't find just the pairing we wanted. Our dogs are hunting dogs that occasionally will run in a field trial, NOT field trial dogs that occasionally hunt. If any of our dogs fail to prove themselves on wild birds to our standards and expectations, then they are not bred.

If you enjoy the hunt and are looking for French Brittanys to enhance and share the experience with, you've come to the right place.